Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A few forgotten pictures from October--Oops!

 The Sisters left a Happy Birthday message for Elder Lemmert!
 What is Halloween without two stacked hay bales dressed up like Minions?
A gift to us left by a sweet young lady who joined the Church last year. She is like a daughter and her little girl like a granddaughter to us.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Going Home

These are the Senior couples that attend our Zone Conferences. Elder & Sister Reeder went home last week. They served in Pauls Valley and we saw them at all the conferences and Zone meetings.  Sister Reeder texted me and said it was sure great to hug all the grandkids!  Elder & Sister Gatchell, our housing missionaries, live at home in Oklahoma. They are so sweet and always ask if we need anything for our apartment. We mentioned a kitchen rug and we had it within an hour. They are so awesome and both converts to the Church.

 Elder & Sister Gatchell (our housing missionaries), Elder & Sister Lemmert (Ada), and Sister  Elder Reed (Pauls Valley)

Sister Englebrecht is now in our Zone, but she has changed since being in my 6th grade class in Woodinville, Washington!

Another moving day in Ada, OK

 The Elders trying to get a sofa out of the doorway
 Elder Lemmert --anything else to throw into that truck?
Elder Lemmert and Brother and Sister Starnes. Funny how the old people get the moving jobs.

A Saturday Morning in Ada, OK

While driving home from the gym Saturday morning, we passed some interesting, very usual sites within two blocks of our home.  We thought we'd share them with you. 

 When someone moves out of a house here, they often leave items in the house (probably because they skip out on their rent or are arrested for something like drugs). So the landlord throws everything to the curb and the "stuff" sits there until the grabber dump truck comes by and picks it all up.

Someone was tired of their mattress, so out to the curb it goes.

 If you are tired of your sofa, just put in in your front year. It will eventually disappear (usually after it gets rained on). It is not unusual to drive down any street and see sofas, chairs, bed, mattresses, you name it, on the curb waiting for a new owner or the grabber truck.
 This is the clutter behind the fire station. But the station is so small, I guess they need to put their stuff somewhere!
 This is the itty bitty Farmer's Market that dwindles down to minimal in October.
 A fire truck zooming down the street.
 On most building doors in Oklahoma, you will see a similar sign. I think we're the only people in the State of Oklahoma that don't carry a weapon.
Advertising for a rodeo. The truck is parked on the Fire Station lot.