Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Please Watch the Terrific Video on the Importance of Preserving Religious Freedom

Our religious freedoms are basic to our nation and its people. We need to step up and be informed on how we can be involved to preserve everyone's religious freedoms that are now being threatened.
Take time to view this 3 minute video below.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Independence Day, July 4th 2015

I think Elder Lemmert thought I must need this!

Water Towers

Every city and/or town in Oklahoma has a water town with its name.  These shots are a few of the interesting towers we see along our way.

Memorable Experiences from Ada!

Mission Conference where all cars needed to be inspected. This is the Church parking lot.
Elder Lemmert holding a snake that Nathan shot on the ranch.
Linkugel's dogs, Jax and Houdini
Elder Lemmert playing Wizard with his partner, Jax

Monkees hologram album
Beattles album before Ringo Starr
Sister Caudill holding the Beattles album (which no one is allowed to touch!)
Sister Lemmert and Jax

Transfer Day...again!

Our last District meeting before transfers.  Elder and Sister Lemmert, Sisters Moore and Caudill, Elders Neil and Runolfson.
Breakfast at the Lemmert's on transfer day, which is always a Wednesday, by the way.

Elder Runolfson, going home.  When the Elders leave to go home, they seem to need a funeral, so here is Elder Runolfson at his  missionary funeral.

Elder Neil seems to have a grandpa/grandson relationship with Elder Lemmert.

Mustaches for the final transfer day.  Sisters Caudill, Moore, Elders Runolfson, Neil, Zach and Rhonda Schuette, and Sister Lemmert.  Then when Elder Lemmert went to shave the next day, he found a mustache on his razor.

Driving Along the Roads of Ada and surrounding areas...

As we drive along the roads of Ada all the surrounding areas, we find all kinds of creatures crossing the road.   We also see all kinds of roadkill, but we will focus on the live ones.  We haven't captured a picture of an armadillo yet (that is alive, that is), but we will get it.
A question comes to mind...Why did the turtle cross the road?

We had to back up to get a picture of this little furry guy crossing the road. He was a scurrier! 
Here is Road Runner watching for traffic.
Mr. Skunk was more concerned about what to eat than to go across to the other side. 
We love to see the tolls of hay stacked so neatly in the fields after harvesting. Storing up for the winter.

More Rain...and More Rain...and More Rain...

We had a month of rain in June, with roads flooding, lots of flash flood warnings on our phones, bales of hay saturated, bridges down, and of course, all the rain hurt the crops rather than helped them.  It would rain so hard, with thunder and lightning rolling across the plains. Fortunately, we were safe and didn't have any flooding or damage to our apartment.

Ada Air Show, June 6, 2015

The Ada Air Show wasn't quite like seeing the Blue Angels for Seafair, but we enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours anyway at the small Ada Airport!
We always love seeing the American flag waving anywhere, but especially from the ladder of a fire truck!
A plane landing atop a moving truck!