Thursday, December 3, 2015

Parade of Lights, Ada, OK, December 3, 201

We invited a Ward member and her little daughter to go to the Parade of Lights with us. It was fun to walk to the parade, be close to the front row behind the kids, and have a parade last for only 40 minutes.  That's small town living' and it was fun!
 Polar Express
 The Monster school bus with Snoopy riding the front bumper.

 The Grinch from Whoville--you can see him on the left
 And Santa, of course, on the Fire truck!
Our adopted angels.

November 2015, Ada, OK

As the weather gets colder, what is more comforting than a bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup at 
 One trip to Hobby Lobby in Norman, OK, and you realize that they decorate a little differently in Oklahoma for Christmas!  Check out this moose in camo!  We had to give it to our newly-moved-in friends so they could enjoy the real flavor of an Oklahoman Christmas!
 We had our long bout of colds in November.  When we visited Jeremy in the hospital, we decided to protect him from our germs!
 After Saturday evening Stake Conference, we hit the ice cream joint (Braum's)
 A pick-me-up from a good friend to tell us we are appreciated here in Ada.
 Zone meeting with several new missionaries in our Zone.
 THANKSGIVING DINNER at a member's home. Lots of relatives, missionaries, food, and desserts.

 Check out the pies (and this is only half of them). They were delicious...and many of them home made by the husbands!
 We found a new hobby.  We have a pecan tree in our yard, so this year we gathered about 6 pounds of pecans from our lawn and took them to be cracked.  Little did we know that they came back cracked, alright, with shells and all.  So we learned the next step...picking out the meats from the shells.  We have two mason jars of pecans to use this season, thanks to a good husband.