Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November FHE

About three months ago, we decided to hold a Family Home Evening gathering the first Monday of the month. We invited anyone who doesn't have someone with which to enjoy FHE, couples, singles, new members, investigators. Well, this month we hosted19 people in our little duplex (probably exceeded the fire code), but we always have lots to eat and lots of laughs. We eat, enjoy have short lesson, and play a game.  It has been very successful for everyone and has been a great melding pot for friendship of a diverse group of people.  We were very happy with our turnout Monday.
 Jeremy always has a healthy appetite and likes the socialization.
 Chowing down on soups, bread, salads, relish trays, and desserts. There are two investigators at the table and a new member of the Church.
 The Lopez couple is only here for a couple of months. They travel all around the world with his work, do not own a home, but live out of hotels. They originate from Mexico, and they did, indeed, bring the party with them. Bro. Lopez loves to talk and we all laughed so much!
 Bernadine and Britney are recent converts and have moved to Ada. Britney prides herself in bringing her mom into the Gospel.
Elder Lemmert drawing for Pictionary (not his favorite game). He is a great sport!

Ending the month of October

 We get to see beautiful large harvest moons in Oklahoma. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's always so beautiful to see a large full moon in the sky.
Our Ward Halloween party this year gave us a photo op that we just could not pass up!

 Jax and Houdini are our favorite dogs here in Ada. They are so much fun and such great pals. We laugh all the time when we watch them play.

Elder Fuller served with us when we first came out on our mission last October. He is now going home to Utah and stopped by for a final visit. 

THE ECU (East Central University) Homecoming parade was on Halloween this year. So here are a few examples of a real home town parade!
 I think most of the town is in the parade, the rest of us watched it!
 ECU mascot, I suppose.
 Ada High School marching band, a big thing here

 You cannot have a respectable parade with the Fire Engines, right?
 Sisters Shurtz and Garner making caramel apples in our small kitchen.

The Baptism!

Terry was baptized October 24, 2015 and we were so happy to have the opportunity to teach him and Elder Lemmert to baptize him and confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He had been looking for answer to his question from the Bible and found them in the Book of Mormon. It was a wonderful experience to see how the Lord and the Holy Ghost work to answer prayers.
Brother Terry Koontz and Elder Lemmert
 Baptism program
 Linda & Terry Koontz, Elder & Sister lemmert
 Steven Gross, Elder Neil, Terry Koontz and Elder Lemmert standing in front of the baptismal font.

Our Mission District from August thru October, 2015

We get attached to each group of missionaries that comes through Ada
 Sisters Caudill, Garner, and Lemmert; Elders Lemmert, Martinez, and Neil
 Elder Lemmert (the older one), Elder Martinez (the youngest one) and Elder Neil (the District leader and transferred))
 Sister Garner, Sister Lemmert (the Grandma) and Sister Caudill (transferred)
Playing a lively game of Wizard for P-Day. We lost to the young ones this time around!

Elder Lemmert's Birthday! WooHoo

For Ralph's birthday, we went to Oklahoma City on Monday, our Prep Day and visited the OKC Memorial commemorating the bombing of the Federal Building 20 years ago. I didn't really know if I wanted to see it, but the experience was humbling, emotional, and uplifting in the fact that so many wonderful people came to the aid of others. The memorial is presented in a very respectful fashion.
We stayed in OKC and the next attended the Oklahoma City Temple in Yukon, OK. We enjoyed the experience and travelled home on Tuesday, of course stopping along the way to eat lunch, and then later to Braum's to eat ice cream.  We really enjoyed our two days rejuvenating ourselves to continue our missionary work in Ada.
 All I want for my birthday is an Oklahoma State University Cowboys shirt!  (OSU)
 Stuffing ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory
 Our selfie at the Cheesecake Factory
Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum

 Reflection Pool
 The time that everything changed
 Overlooking the lawn where there are memorial chairs for every person that died in the bombing. The area is where the Federal building once stood.
 The "survivor tree" by the area where the survivors were brought out of the buiding to the lawn to receive help.