Monday, October 20, 2014

The MTC (Missionary Training Center

We were off to Provo with a wave from Mother! We arrived at the MTC, received our name tags, meal and security cards, room keys, schedules, and attended a Devotional. We met some great senior couples, and Monday morning were off to orientation. We've met several couples again today, preparing to serve all around the world, from Indonesia, India, Russia, Cayman Islands, Canada, and the U.S. What a fantastic place to stay! We have a very clean and comfortable little "motel room" and 3 meals a day! Tomorrow we hit the studying hard, actually begin our homework this evening. There are more than 2,000 missionaries here, and another 500 arriving Wednesday. This MTC is like a well-oiled machine, so organized. They have ambassadors come to visit from all around the world to see how it is run, and the first place they want to see is the cafeteria. They wonder how do you feed so many people? Awesome! Barb

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