Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Little Bit of Many Things!

When we left home to attend the gym last week, there were huge snowflakes falling all around us. By the time we left, the snow fall had stopped, but the world was beautiful!

The Elders and Sisters have a reputation of parking crazily at the church whenever there is a district or zone meeting. So...when we attend our District meetings on Fridays, it looks something like this. Elder Lemmert tries his best to block them in so they can't leave, but they find a way out!

Elder Gunderson, far left, is at the end of his mission and goes home tomorrow, so this is our farewell picture of all of us together, January 28, 2015, in the Ada Ward.  Elder Gunderson, Elder Owen, Elder & Sister Lemmert, Elder Tanner, Elder Garner, Sister Drinkall, and Sister Moore.  These young missionaries are exceptional!  We will miss our Elder Gunderson.

Our wonderful Bishop Niblett!  He can't get a picture without some goofy faces in the background, but he is a great support to us and is the first bishop of the Ada Ward.   It was previously a Branch and his goal is to grow the Ward and get us a new chapel.
a very busy Bishop and works hard for the members of his ward. He also believes in calling people up from the audience to speak occasionally (like President Decker). I was the lucky one last Sunday.
We volunteer at the Care Center every couple of weeks. We helped with a craft project. Today we will attend National Eat Corn Chips Day and I will play the piano while the residents eat chips!

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