Monday, July 13, 2015

Transfer Day...again!

Our last District meeting before transfers.  Elder and Sister Lemmert, Sisters Moore and Caudill, Elders Neil and Runolfson.
Breakfast at the Lemmert's on transfer day, which is always a Wednesday, by the way.

Elder Runolfson, going home.  When the Elders leave to go home, they seem to need a funeral, so here is Elder Runolfson at his  missionary funeral.

Elder Neil seems to have a grandpa/grandson relationship with Elder Lemmert.

Mustaches for the final transfer day.  Sisters Caudill, Moore, Elders Runolfson, Neil, Zach and Rhonda Schuette, and Sister Lemmert.  Then when Elder Lemmert went to shave the next day, he found a mustache on his razor.

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