Saturday, November 8, 2014


     We loved the MTC (Missionary Training Center)!  Every day we began class at 8:00 a.m. We usually met as a group in the chapel and had a training session together. Then we would go to our District classes, our teachers being returned missionaries, and learn teaching principles, role play teaching discussions, and then try it all out on volunteers who came in as our guinea pigs.  We had 45 min. to become acquainted and teach them a lesson. Those were really great teaching experiences, although a bit nerve-racking preparing for them. We learned to depend on the Spirit when we taught. We'd break for lunch, then come back and with a different teacher in the afternoon (again, a returned missionary), learn and role play some more.  Tuesday evening was our devotional and Elder Godoy from the Seventy gave a wonderful talk. Wednesday and Thursday night we spent time with Howard and Pat.        
     The MTC is a city unto itself and I enjoyed the Spirit that was there. It was fun to watch all the Elders and Sisters in the cafeteria, or scurrying off to class, or in line early in the morning to get a sack lunch so they could on their service day, or on their way to the gym.  After dinnertime, there was always a large group of missionaries around the mailboxes picking up packages. We really loved the whole feeling there and getting to know so many wonderful people!  But on Friday afternoon, we packed up and drove away, headed toward Colorado.

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