Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 We arrived in Ada Tuesday morning, October 28, 2014 around 10:30 a.m.  As soon as we got to town, we stopped at the tracks for a very long train going through the middle of town. It was kind of cool, actually. I reminisced about the trains I used to watch going by my Dad's steel company in Salt Lake City when I was a young girl.  It was fun driving through town, seeing the businesses. Our new home at 122 W. 16th St., Ada, OK 74820

We called the District Leader, Elder Owen, to come with our key and the four Elders (Elders Owen, Gunderson, Garner, and Fuller) and two Sisters (Sisters Rigby and Chandler)  helped us unpack our car and move all our belongings into the house.  They had come by earlier in the month and helped Elder & Sister Gatchell, the housing missionaries, move in our furniture.  The house was clean; we had  a bed, dressers, dining room table and chairs, living room tables and recliners, and all kinds of cleaning supplies; plus bathroom rugs, shower curtain, a desk and bookcase.  

Elder Owen
After we unloaded the car, we invited all the missionaries to lunch, so we headed off for the "Rib Crib."  If I have rediscovered one principle here, it is that missionaries are hungry!!
Elder Fuller

Elder Gunderson & Elder Garner

Sister Chandler & Sister Rigby

This is Elder Gatchell with his mission van and trailer that he hauls furniture for the missionary apartments. He and Sister Gatchell came by last week to bring us another desk, rugs, and take our sofa shopping. So we called the Elders (because they love to help and the Gatchells love them) and they carried in the desk, and we all went to the furniture store to sit on sofas!  We found a sofa while the Elders were teaching a lesson to a store employee!  They hauled it in the house for us, then we went with the Gatchells to Wal-Mart to finish shopping for the little things the Elders needed (can openers, shower nozzles, rugs....and a potato peeler and picture frame for us!)

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