Monday, March 23, 2015

 We're becoming pals with many of the member's dogs, like Rudy. As long as there are only one or two dogs in the home, we are good. But when we get to meet more than two in a home, then it gets a little crowded and we don't feel quite so friendly toward them. People in Oklahoma love their animals! As long as the cats keep to themselves, then Elder Lemmert is happy.
                      Every couple of months, Sister Cooley takes all the missionaries to Pizza Hut where they order the lunch menu and eat and eat and eat.  When they are finally full, they take the remainder of their food home for their next meal. You've never seen so much bread on one table!  
Angel joined the Church in the summer of 2014.
We invited her and her adorable daughter over
to dinner last week. Wish we had some of our
kiddie toys from home, but Play Doh, coloring,
and I-Pads seemed to keep the little one busy.

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