Saturday, March 14, 2015

Boot & Saddle Shop - Thursday Lunch

Every Thursday, Hugh, the owner of the Boot and Saddle Store, serves a community lunch. We sometimes attend and hang out with the locals. Last Thursday we ate a feast of fried catfish, cornbread, potatoes, beans, salad, cake and brownies.  It's always fun and we are fed well! But we enjoy getting know people in the community. You can believe that on catfish day, the back room where we eat lunch, is packed!

Caroline, Hugh's sister, is always there to help, serve, greet, and smile.
Hugh is in the blue shirt, very friendly and loves to cook for the people.
Cooking the catfish on the back dock of the store, in his cast iron deep fryer. He has his system all figured out for quick cooking!. He breads the catfish with Louisiana fish breading. This was the first time I've eaten catfish, and it was really good!

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