Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ada Ward Talent Show

 The missionaries put on a talent show for our Ward. We decided to have the show outside in the parking lot and it turned out great. Many people signed up to perform, Elder Lemmert was the MC, and we ate lots of food -- hot dogs, veggies, fruit, and desserts. The Bishop donated a huge tub so we could fill it with ice and bottled water.  This huge tub of water proved to be a real treat for the kids, both during and after the show!  They played in the water and threw ice. Really, the best part of the whole show was that we had some less active people attend, plus a few investigators. Also, people hung around afterwards and just talked, played, and had fun together.

The Elders are always a hit when they perform! They were performing a workout for girls, I think!

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