Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ada Churches

These Churches are a block from our home in any direction!
This is the Episcopal Church, one of my favorite structures architecturally.

 Ada First Baptist Church, and some of their transportation vans that pick up people for church.
Our alley view of the Ada Baptist Church. Our little duplex is on the left. As you can see, it takes the whole block. There is another building across from this one.
Walk out our back door and 30 steps, you're inside the Baptist Church!
 United First Methodist Church and van. The Church takes up a whole block.

 There is also a First Christian Church that but I didn't snap the picture

This is our Church building. It is located 4 or 5 from us. It was purchased from another church and remodeled inside. There are stairs that many of the elderly people cannot manage, and the handicap restrooms are upstairs! Other than that and all the hallway congestion, it works!

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