Monday, September 14, 2015

Amish Fair, Clarita, OK, September 12, 2015

Every year in the Spring and in the Fall, the Amish have a huge fundraiser for their schools all over the area. We were able to participate for a few hours Saturday morning and really enjoyed ourselves. They have numerous booths, pounds of homemade baked goods, homemake ice cream, burger, fries, and auctions.  These are just a few pictures of the numerous tents set up for the various fund raising activities. 
It is common to see a John Deere tractor anywhere.
Auction items set up on tables. Different auction begin at different times, including the livestock and handmade quilts.
Pies are on the left and other baked goods on the tables.
Amish lady selling breads.
Amish men heating up the fryers.  If the men are married, they have beards. If not married, they are clean shaven.

Auctioning off household goods. We purchased a couple of crocks and a "cafe" sign for our kitchen at home.

They make ice cream by hooking up the ice cream freezers to pulleys and running them off the motor of the tractor. Quick ice cream without much effort!

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