Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ending the month of October

 We get to see beautiful large harvest moons in Oklahoma. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's always so beautiful to see a large full moon in the sky.
Our Ward Halloween party this year gave us a photo op that we just could not pass up!

 Jax and Houdini are our favorite dogs here in Ada. They are so much fun and such great pals. We laugh all the time when we watch them play.

Elder Fuller served with us when we first came out on our mission last October. He is now going home to Utah and stopped by for a final visit. 

THE ECU (East Central University) Homecoming parade was on Halloween this year. So here are a few examples of a real home town parade!
 I think most of the town is in the parade, the rest of us watched it!
 ECU mascot, I suppose.
 Ada High School marching band, a big thing here

 You cannot have a respectable parade with the Fire Engines, right?
 Sisters Shurtz and Garner making caramel apples in our small kitchen.

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