Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November FHE

About three months ago, we decided to hold a Family Home Evening gathering the first Monday of the month. We invited anyone who doesn't have someone with which to enjoy FHE, couples, singles, new members, investigators. Well, this month we hosted19 people in our little duplex (probably exceeded the fire code), but we always have lots to eat and lots of laughs. We eat, enjoy have short lesson, and play a game.  It has been very successful for everyone and has been a great melding pot for friendship of a diverse group of people.  We were very happy with our turnout Monday.
 Jeremy always has a healthy appetite and likes the socialization.
 Chowing down on soups, bread, salads, relish trays, and desserts. There are two investigators at the table and a new member of the Church.
 The Lopez couple is only here for a couple of months. They travel all around the world with his work, do not own a home, but live out of hotels. They originate from Mexico, and they did, indeed, bring the party with them. Bro. Lopez loves to talk and we all laughed so much!
 Bernadine and Britney are recent converts and have moved to Ada. Britney prides herself in bringing her mom into the Gospel.
Elder Lemmert drawing for Pictionary (not his favorite game). He is a great sport!

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