Monday, February 29, 2016

Christmas, 2015 in Ada, Oklahoma

Christmas Eve at Brother Richard Prien's house:  Bro. Prien, Elder Savage, Elder & Sister Lemmert, Elder Martinez, Sister Shurtz, Nodia, and Sister Garner
 We hosted a Christmas breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, and miscellaneous goodies for the Elders and Sisters Christmas morning. Then they called their parents on our Ipads and computer.  Tamara sent us "Brick 'em Young" building blocks for Christmas to construct the Nauvoo Temple.  Sister Shurtz and Elder Martinez were excited because they always put together Legos on Christmas morning.  So they dove right into all the pieces and started construction!
 Sister Shurtz and Elder Martinez building the Temple
 Sister Shurtz showing off the finished project!
 Elder Martinez donated his Star Wars legos to the project so we would remember him!~

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