Monday, February 29, 2016

Miscellaneous Pictures!

Missionary transfer day in Moore, Oklahoma
 Our Bishop gave us a Book of Mormon assignment to read 2 Nephi 2, and a member sent out this fun picture. I thought it was just plain funny!

 Sister Lemmert balancing a bird on her nose at Bro. Prien's house. Elder Savage is photo-bomging, which is the usual missionary tactic!
 Success for Elder Savage!
 Brother Gary Ericsson feeding his mule.  He loves living on a ranch!
 This is our major vice in Ada. Braum's is an ice cream store/grocery store, and it is very attractive at odd hours of the day.  It's a trap!

 One thing that we love in Oklahoma are the sunrises and sunsets, they are so beautiful!
 Elder Lemmert sitting on some sort of chair, not sure what, but it was great to watch him try to get up from it!
 Another service an apartment so someone could move out!
 Our District in January!
 Our monthly food bank service at the Episcopal Church down the street from us. We really enjoy volunteering there.  We fill about 225 bags or canned foods and 225 bags of dried food each month.
 Our goofy elders trying to balance each other. 
 Elder Lemmert and Kurt Sweeney...they seem to have the same haircut...

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