Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More funny things about ADA!

It's so fun to go for a walk and suddenly, the sidewalk ends in the middle of the block. My assumption is that someone didn't want to pay to have a sidewalk in front of their house, but it is a common Ada characteristic!

Trains pass through Ada several times a day. The amazing thing is that there are approximately 100 cars and most of them carry coal, oil, or chemicals.

Our first snow in Ada in early November.  Not much but it can get very cold here (at least cold for people used to Mesa weather!)

A dear sister in the Ward always hosts a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for her friends, family, and the missionaries every year.  This was our first Thanksgiving dinner the Saturday before Thanksgiving (one of 3 Thanksgiving dinners we ate!)

A real bear rug at Sister C's home.  She and her husband have been hunting all around, including Alaska and Africa, and these are only a couple of trophies in their collection.  She is a recent convert to the church and owns four ranches and a beautiful home. She cooks dinner for all eight missionaries at least once a month. We love her!

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