Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two Month Mark

Green Frog -- a landmark of where to turn when driving to a member's home.  Okie directions are "turn left at the green frog, then drive to the end of the dirt road, house on the left;" or "go on Highway 1, then turn when you see the Catholic church sign, then go on this dirt road until you come to Turkey Hill Road, then it's the house with the tires in the yard." How about "turn where you see the red sign, then it's two miles on the dirt road?" One of my favorites is: "It's the white house with blue trim, one block one way from Dollar General and one block the other way from Sonic, right in the middle between them; and then you  turn after you see two trees".                 Do y'all wonder why we keep getting lost?

This is a look at our trunk yesterday before making our Christmas deliveries. It took us three days, with three loads of cookies in the back of the car every day , to deliver our Christmas treats to people. We loaded up every morning, and I think we only have a half dozen left to deliver.    I know we had over 50 cookie plates,  candy bags, and cinnamon roll pans total.


 We had a great time at the Christmas mission conference (12/16/14) in Norman, OK.  There were over 100 missionaries, and that is only half of the mission. The other half of the mission held their conference a few days before ours.  I enjoyed meeting several missionaries, and all the couples serving, both as MLS missionaries and in the office. It was also fun to meet the Elders and Sisters that have served in Ada.  These two elders are Elder Davis and Elder Peterson. Elder Davis is now a zone leader north of us, and Elder Peterson is now the assistant to the President.   Elder Davis was so super. He sat with us both at lunch and dinner and went through the Ward roster with us and informed us of everyone he knew in Ada. He is just so awesome and so energetic. As I hear it, he broke many hearts when he left.  Pretty amazing for a 20=year old to be so caring and work so hard!
Elder Davis & Elder Olson, two awesome Elders that served in Ada, OK.

Food line for dinner! The Relief Society ladies cooked all the food for both lunch and dinner. Then they even put all the leftovers in styro containers and stacked them up on a table for the Elders and Sisters to take home for lunch the next day.  They were so awesome!
Elders Owen, Fuller and Olson

This was our P-Day. We walked out of the grocery store and found that our car had been love-tapped  in the parking lot!  Not too fun!!

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