Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Bishop's donkeys!  Why does he have donkeys? To chase away the coyotes that want to eat the baby calves.

A house in Tupelo, OK, which is a city about 25 miles southeast of Ada.

One of the ward members has a huge bell in his yard that looks like the Liberty Bell. He enjoys ringing it now and then!

 An example of  country house, usually sitting on a large parcel of land and owned by a rancher.

A beautiful home located in the City of Ada, OK. This subdivision has beautiful large, brick homes. I particularly loved the setting of this house with the autumn leaves.

This is just a cute mailbox we discovered while driving on our county roads!

This is an example of the county roads that we drive every week, looking for remote address of members. We're put a couple thousand miles on our care already! Some roads are paved, but many are just dirt and gravel and seem so endless after driving for a few hours.  Every once and awhile we'll see a house!

All around the City of Ada there are Fall decor on the corners by businesses.

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