Saturday, August 22, 2015

Food Bank at the Episcopal Church, Ada, OK

The third week of each month the Episcopal Church hosts a food bank. Wednesday morning we unloaded pallets of food, hefted and unpacked boxes, filled bags with food, met many new friends, and had quite the workout. But we had lots of fun and felt great when we were finished. Thursday morning we went back to load grocery carts and take out food to cars. It is a well-organized project and very worthwhile to the community. The people from the Catholic Church made 300 sack lunches to give out to people. Volunteers were from the Episcopal, Methodist, Catholic, and now, the LDS church.  We plan to continue helping with this project until we leave our mission.
The week before, we attended a gathering at the Heritage Arts Center, where we met Suzanne and Angus and asked where we could volunteer in the community. Well, I didn't realize we were talking to the King and Queen of service here.  So since then, we have helped clean up a school in Ada, attended a Rotary Club meeting, worked at the food bank, and will be going to the school to listen to children read.  It's a great experience to rub shoulders with new people in the community and to serve.

Elder Lemmert breaking down boxes (after he unloaded them from pallets)

Angus, a 40 year Boy Scout leader, is putting cans out as fast as he can so we can load them into bags.

You can see some of the 500 bags that we prepared to giveout the next day.  Half of the bags are canned goods, and half are packed with dry foods. 
207 (10 pound) bags of potatoes and boxes of bread

Putting canned goods into bags on our assembly line
Sisters Caudill and Garner riding home after a hard morning's work on Thursday.

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