Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stephanie & Nashoba Hill's wedding

 Stephanie Hanks and Nashoba Hill were married on August 8, 2015. They have two children and now they are a complete family. We met Stephanie in November 2014 and have been visiting and teaching her (along with the missionaries) since then. Nashoba's sister, Taloa, is a member of the Church and we met Stephanie at Taloa's home.  Stephanie has changed dramatically since she has been living the Gospel standards and praying. She is happier, self-motivated, and anxious to have an eternal family.
Sunhawk, Tuska, Stephanie, Nashoba, Kenneth and Hatuk (Nashoba's brothers)
Elder Lemmert and David Hill.  Brother Hill is the father of many children (some in the above picture) who love their Native American heritage and keep their culture alive.
Nashoba and Taloa (brother and sister)
Nashoba, Tuska, Kenneth, Sunhawk, David, Hatuk Hill

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