Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Miscellaneous Moments!

 Another moving day!  We have helped move a few people lately, but we enjoy it, for a couple of hours anyway!  Sister Lemmert is incognito amongst many boxes.
 Sister Caudill in a dress that we found hanging in the hallway.  I told Sister Caudill that she ought to try the dress on and see how it fits for her next prom!  The top is all sparkly and the shoulder pads came out of the 80's, but we had a good laugh. She actually sent it home for adjustments!!

Good buddies, Elder Lemmert and Elder Neil at the Church.
 We see more roadkill on the roads in Oklahoma! This little guy is alive, however, so we hurriedly snapped a picture before he became wise to us.  We see interesting living creatures on the side of the roads.
 Sister Moore and Sister Caudill.
Elder Neil -- the Elders bought these gigantic jugs from Love's so they could keep hydrated. The two Elders barely fit in the front seats of the car, and then they add two giant jugs on their stomachs because they had a few more inches!

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